Where’s Your Head At?

Let’s Change The Law to
Protect Our Mental Health

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In this world, we’ll talk openly about our mental health at work, we won’t be afraid to ask for support when needed, and we’ll thrive in both work and life. After all, we spend a third of our adult lives in the workplace, and we shouldn’t have to leave our mental health at the door each morning.

The sustainability of our economy depends partly on improving how we approach mental health in the workplace. Annually, mental ill health costs employers up to £42 billion, and the UK economy up to £99 billion, as over 300,000 people fall out of work every year due to mental ill health.

So, as the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign celebrates its first birthday, we are championing a bold new call for leaders to strive for an understanding and commitment to workplace wellbeing as outlined in our manifesto.

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